Sunday, 31 January 2021

'Secondhand Xperiments' - Buck Theorem covers album

And here is my second lockdown release, although I started this a long time ago. It's a collection of cover versions called "Secondhand Xperiments"featuring covers of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kate Bush, Kylie Minogue, Jerry Goldsmith, Depeche Mode and of my friends Poet and the Loops and Miodes

Made 2020-2021. These just caught my attention, although some are total favourites.

The 'Seconds' cover comes from my attempting to it in my teens, cribbing the dialogue undoubtedly with some dodgy drone from some eighties kid's keyboard. I have been disturbed and loved the Frankenheimer film since I was a kid, and recently read the James Ely novel, which is a great downer.

Wen I was at teenager, I remember my mum walking in and quietly smirking when she caught me singing along to 'Never Let Me Down Again'. These were the days when I would replay my 7-inch purchases over and over, in succession, and I am sure I did that to this. How annoying that must have been to others in the house.

Speaking of which: I am not a Kylie fan, necessarily, although I don't object, but 'I Believe in You' is one of those mainstream tracks that periodically get into me and I can't deny. A few times I played it too loud and had the neighbours knocking. How annoying that must have been for the neighbours. I seem to have re-imagined it through 'The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord' era Cabaret Voltaire.

It included field recordings of my local park during my lockdown walks in the summertime.

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