Wednesday, 26 August 2015

FrightFest 2015

Well, I’m all set for FrightFest 2015, which starts in earnest tomorrow. This involves night buses home and little sleep and by the third day you are barely human. Last year (which I did not write about) I discovered that seeing a lot of good films in a day is just as draining and seeing a lot of average or mediocre stuff… you see a good film and you kind of want it to marinate and percolate a little before you launch into another good film. But of course, I’m sure I prefer it that way. Yum. I might try as-I-watch twitter updates. I’ll see how it goes….
I’ve been going the past few years and here are some of my memorable moments:
1: I went to see “WeAre What We Are” and chanced to see if I could get tickets for “A Serbian Film”, which was already causing a buzz, only to be told at the ticket desk that it had been banned! It was like the Video Nasty days all over again for a moment!
2: A brief chat with Alan Jones about Dario Argento, who was then being interviewed.
3: People breaking out into spontaneous applause at the car lot kill scene in “Maniac” (2012).
4: Sitting behind Simon Pegg.
5: Being totally won over by Bobcat Goldthwait and getting genuinely unnerved by his “Willow Creek”.
6: Stepping out for something to eat and heading for China Town and seeing a red ribbon on the floor, finding my brain was so hardwired for Horror cues that I nonchalantly thought, “Oh, there’s some entrails.”

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