Thursday, 31 December 2020

Favourites 2020


 Let's do this before the new year kicks in....

Well, having written my end-of-year editions, I realised it was probably weighted to genre a little more than usual. I guess that what happens when I’m in lockdown at home.

I realised I should have seen ‘Saint Maud’ at the very least and look forward to catching up with it.

And I also realised that I didn’t write up ‘Anything For Jackson’. Which is a great genre piece and you should check out, horror fans.

 So these are the films I liked the most this year; some I had to think over and some were immediate, but that's always the way.

Uncut Gems


His House



Fried Barry

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

A Sun


The Vast of Night


Really wish I had seen 'Fried Barry' with a live audience. As it was , I could practically feel the Grimmfest audience enjoying it, albeit digitally through the screen. I knew nothing about it and when it went batshit crazy, I was delighted.

'Tumbbad' would have looked fantastic on a big screen. Well... they all would have, 

but 'The Vast of Night' would have looked wonderful too. I was only afterwards that I realised it's mixture of wordiness, cinematic playfulness and period atmosphere had totally beguiled me. 

I just chuckled when I realised that 'Relic' had just pulled the reality rug from under me.

'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' just exuded maturity and elegance.

'Possessor' was wonderfully grungy and troubling.


And also:

The Special


Death of a Vlogger

I See You

The Invisible Man


The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Koko-di Koko-da

There was so much to savour in these films too. They all provided delightful surprises and intelligence. I am only expect to like them more on following viewings.

(Oh, was 'The Painted Bird' 2020, because I really, really liked that too....?)

Well, it will interesting to see what happens next year.

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