Friday, 23 March 2007

Unsigned recommendations


More spaced-out than spacey, James Morris is making some great bedroom ambience. Like some warm-up act for the radiator lady from "Eraserhead", James Morris has a deliberately home-recorded feel where the hiss matters, where a guitar plays but the words are lost in mumbling and distortion, or singing over himself. It's like when someone is playing music next door but you are only half awake listening and you're having an anxiety dream of some sort. Is there something threatening in there? I am not too sure, and the occasional jangliness belies something sunny, but the love of rough ambience carefully obscuring real songs is wonderful. I think he knows exactly what he is doing
I Monster
I have liked this outfit for some time now, ever since I picked up the 7inch glam rock rethink of "Hey Mrs", and which I still love. "Daydream in Blue", which I seem to hear all over, is apparently their most famous tune, but it is also arguably their most conventional, a little triphop summersong. They are very generous on their myspace, offering up medleys so you get to here more tracks than just your standard four. Actually, their myspace is packed full of goodies and anyone who likes men in suits bearing the heads of giant flies will take to this. Occasionally their retro-futuristic music is fun, sometimes truly dreamy and gorgeous. They often sound like Burt Bacharach On Mars, or a space station lounge lizard act, which to me is sublime.