Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Buck Theorem's "The Third Monster and other oddities"

“This compilation contains 20 tales of mystery, horror, fantasies, monsters, nightmares and dreams. Ghosts both vengeful and sorrowful. Vampires of autumn and cinemas. Murderers who are terrible, horribly young, and occasionally bizarre. Strange big cats stalking dreams and suburbia. Living dolls hunting victims. Schools haunted by bullies. Desert castles and the living dead. Unusual holiday resorts and graves with relentless appetites. In the realms of the uncanny, you shall find all the oddities you could care for.”
Here is my second book of fiction. This one is one of those collections of horror and mystery and, I admit it, abit of whimsy, the origins of which lies in a couple of horror anthologies that I wrote when was between, perhaps, ten and eleven. I have always remembered a few of the stories that I wrote as a child for those collections and those stories appear in “The Third Monster and other oddities”, as well as a bunch of others that come from my youth, dreams and up to the zombie fads of the Twenty-First century. My affection for horror and the bizarre is life-long and shows no sign of going anywhere yet.
The joys of self-publishing haven’t lost their novelty as yet, so I hope you would enjoy this bit of nonsense, should you buy it from Lulu. 

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