Sunday, 30 December 2018

Favourite moments in 2018 films

Some Favourite Moments of 2018

Here are some of the moments that really stood out this year; moments that sent shivers down my spine, or made me really laugh, or made me go WTF, et cetera.

1. Kid’s silent scream in ‘Loveless

2. The final set-piece for ‘Custody

3. The car accident in ‘Hereditary

4. Jack-Jack vs racoon in ‘Incredibles 2

5. Dancing in ‘Climax

6. Ethan Hawke’s face in ‘First Reformed

7. Ruth Wilson in ‘The Little Stranger

8. The punchline to ‘Teen Titans Go! to the movies’: 
Robin beseeching the kids in the audience to ask their parents THAT question

9. Matthew McConaughey crying in ‘White Boy Rick’

10. Watching a man being traumatised at The Battle of Waterloo in the opening of ‘Peterloo’ 

11. The corpse at the table in ‘Terrified’

12. The bus massacre set to a cover of “My Way” in ‘mon mon mon Monsters’

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