Thursday, 14 March 2019

You Total Cult - my podcast debut.

Well, I was recently ambushed to appear on the most entertainingly nerdish podcast “You Total Cult”. I wasn’t expecting it, but it proved most fun. I was in the usual fine company - the YTC host, Mike, and James Eastwood and Rich Byrom-Colburn - and we were in a pub in Lewes as a most atmospheric mist crawled and glowed outside. 

Mike knew to catch me unguarded, priming me earlier by texting “Think of some of your oddest and most obscure films – I’ll tell you why later.” I had never been on a podcast before. I was a little taken aback that he declared I had some influence on his taste, but then we got on talking as we usually do about films and I felt on much safer ground. And then he punningly named the episode after me…


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