Tuesday, 14 January 2020

"Under Your Sleep and other weaknesses" - by Buck Theorem

Here is my second book of horror & dark fantasy stories. Suitable for when reality fails you. Ghosts, malcontent dolls, giant apes, strange purple parasites, sick desires, seances, beheadings...  it's all here.

And here is the artwork for the book, too. 

Where is the Mexican hostel that promises your bizarre desires?
Where is the ghost that is your friend?

Why do your daughters’ dolls meet at the cinema each year?
What’s that living under the bed?
And here are the undead of unending war.
Here is the sick rampage of serial killer lovers.
Here is the angst of the séance medium.
Here is the fairground’s giant ape visiting a mining town.
Here is the strange thing that can take away your pain.
Here are some weaknesses.

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